I was very young when I felt in love with trucks. My father worked as a lorry driver. I spent my time in the cabin on every holiday.

Year after year I watched him and learnt how to deal with big vehicles. There was no question what would I do when I grow up.

So I did all the necessary courses and got the licence. My dreams came true. There was only one thing I didn’t expect. The way how different nations and people implement the regulations in this industry. I got fined sometimes, and I do not even know why. It drove me crazy. So I started to learn the rules just to know better than anyone on the road. It became a mission.

These problems have raised to another level nowadays so I decided to step to a higher standard. I’ve founded this company to help people who are lost in the jungle of law and wants to avoid unnecessary extra costs. Make business 100% compliant and hassle free, easy days for everyone who is working in this industry.

Best wishes all the operators, owners, office crew, and drivers on the road.

ADR , IMDG , ICAO, IATA, Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser , Hazload , Tachograph , Analysis , DGSA , 561/2006 , AETR , Training


Gyula Bodo

Transportinfo Ltd