There are so many hauliers (mainly international transport companies) who have to use the maximum driving time almost every week. The weekly maximum driving period is 56 hours and the two weeks limit is 90 hours. Sometimes this regulation provides extra headaches as the driver has to stop before the destination even if that is very close. No excuse. One minute overdriving and the law cracks down on you.

So how can we save time?

Drivers hours and breaks regulated by 561/2006EU. Let’s see what article 2 says, “This Regulation shall apply to the carriage by road.” Ok, and what does it mean carriage by road? You can find definitions in Article 4

“Carriage by road means any journey made entirely or in part on roads open to the public by a vehicle, whether laden or not, used for the carriage of passengers or goods.”The most important part of this sentence is “open to the public.”

That means this regulation applies to public roads only. In other words, you don’t need to use this law if you are on private premises like a yard, private road at a company, etc. And this is the reason every digital tachograph has an out mode. So when you move on private premises, you have the right to switch off the digital tachograph.

In this case, the tachograph records work time instead of driving time which finally save time and money for you. Let’s take a look at the following videos how to set the out mode on the tachograph.

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