Keep the hazardous container legal on the road too. IMDG vs ADR

Many times, when we want to carry dangerous goods from A to B we have to use multimodal transport. Multimodal transport means different transport modes, for instance, sea, air and road transport. When two different transport mode’s regulations are in use you have to consider how to apply them. Let’s see how to apply [...]

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ADR exceptions. ADR or not?

Most of the people in transport industry say that generally, ADR exceptions are not subject to any regulation. Which is not true. If you want to transport any hazardous substances on the road even if it is a single pack of dangerous goods you have to apply ADR regulations. Even though it is not [...]

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First video blog. Transportinfo intro

Regulations in the transport industry are complicated. The costs of the mistakes are huge. I'd like to build a community to prevent these mistakes and keep your money in your wallet. We have few experts from the transport industry already. Come on and join us today and enjoy all benefits. Share this video and [...]

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