You can’t put more pressure onto drivers.

To be a truck driver is more complicated nowadays than ten years ago. The innovation is faster than ever in the transport industry. The constructors are introducing new technology almost every day. The digital world moved to the commercial trucks and brought new challenges for drivers, owners, and trainers too. Of course, the legal environment [...]

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Waterford Truck and Motor Show 2017

Hi Waterford Truck and Motor Show was held on 27th and 28th of May in Kilkenny. My company, Transportinfo Limited had the chance to present our custom truck trailers, as well as the maintenance we provide to each and every one of our trucks like the a regular semi truck tire repair or tire [...]

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What do they teach you? Part 1

There is a young fellow who is currently doing training courses to get CPC, ADR, HGV, and BUS licences. I had the chance to take a look at his books and tests, and I found few very confusing phrases. I'm going to share my experience with you in the next few days. Keep reading my [...]

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This is where I am coming from.

I was very young when I felt in love with trucks. My father worked as a lorry driver. I spent my time in the cabin on every holiday. Year after year I watched him and learnt how to deal with big vehicles. There was no question what would I do when I grow up. So [...]

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