Keep the hazardous container legal on the road too. IMDG vs ADR

Many times, when we want to carry dangerous goods from A to B we have to use multimodal transport. Multimodal transport means different transport modes, for instance, sea, air and road transport. When two different transport mode’s regulations are in use you have to consider how to apply them. Let’s see how to apply [...]

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ADR exceptions. ADR or not?

Most of the people in transport industry say that generally, ADR exceptions are not subject to any regulation. Which is not true. If you want to transport any hazardous substances on the road even if it is a single pack of dangerous goods you have to apply ADR regulations. Even though it is not [...]

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First video blog. Transportinfo intro

Regulations in the transport industry are complicated. The costs of the mistakes are huge. I'd like to build a community to prevent these mistakes and keep your money in your wallet. We have few experts from the transport industry already. Come on and join us today and enjoy all benefits. Share this video and [...]

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How to fill the Dangerous Goods Note (IMDG)

If you have dangerous goods as a consignment and the carriage of those goods including sea freight (container or RO-RO) you have to provide a dangerous goods note (DGN) for the shipping company. This docket provides the necessary information for stowage, segregation,  emergency, etc. Let's see how to fill.   The exporter is you and [...]

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The shortest post about ADR training!

The current system to teach and test drivers about dangerous goods transport regulations is completely useless. Why? Go and get a driver with ADR certificate and ask about any part of the law. Most of the drivers won't be able to answer. And I think they don't need to answer it. You [...]

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How to save driving time? Out mode on the digital tachograph.

There are so many hauliers (mainly international transport companies) who have to use the maximum driving time almost every week. The weekly maximum driving period is 56 hours and the two weeks limit is 90 hours. Sometimes this regulation provides extra headaches as the driver has to stop before the destination even if that [...]

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You can’t put more pressure onto drivers.

To be a truck driver is more complicated nowadays than ten years ago. The innovation is faster than ever in the transport industry. The constructors are introducing new technology almost every day. The digital world moved to the commercial trucks and brought new challenges for drivers, owners, and trainers too. Of course, the legal environment [...]

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Waterford Truck and Motor Show 2017

Hi Waterford Truck and Motor Show was held on 27th and 28th of May in Kilkenny. My company, Transportinfo Limited had the chance to present our custom truck trailers, as well as the maintenance we provide to each and every one of our trucks like the a regular semi truck tire repair or tire [...]

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I would like to inform you that on 18th of April on the system of monitoring of road transport of goods came into force. The law applies to the carriage of excisable goods (according to the definition of Poland). The penalties became applicable from 1st of May. For certain types of cargo, a notification will [...]

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