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ADR checklist

Here is a General ADR checklist for drivers transporting dangerous goods. Click and download it. You can keep on your mobile as a PDF or you can print it out. Enjoy.

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Ferry crossing with dangerous goods (ADR vs. IMDG)

  I think many transport companies was in such a situation when crossing with ADR load was rejected by the ferry operator. And they didn't even understand why. Everything was legal according to ADR regulations and still not okay. What's wrong? Dangerous Goods have different regulations on the sea, on the road, in the air, [...]

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ADR and load security

The load security is one of the most important parts in transportation. It doesn't matter what kind of load we're talking about. An improperly secured load can cause serious damage to lives, properties, and in the environment. These damages can be catastrophic if happens with dangerous goods. So better to pay attention or pay the [...]

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Typical ADR mistakes

As I said many times, ADR is complicated. And it changes in every second year. So easy to make a mistake. Let's see the typical ADR mistakes. 1. Equipment. One of the most common mistake the deficient or (and), not valid ADR equipment. As  a driver or haulier, one of your duty is to check [...]

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When do you need a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser?

Pay attention or pay the price. Take a look what ADR says about Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser. (DGSA) Each undertaking, the activities of which include the carriage, or the related packing, loading, filling or unloading, of dangerous goods by road shall appoint one or more safety advisers for the carriage of dangerous goods, responsible for [...]

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Exemptions related to dangerous goods used as a coolant or conditioner during carriage

Pay attention or pay the price. When used in vehicles or containers for cooling or conditioning purposes, dangerous goods that are only asphyxiant (which dilute or replace the oxygen normally in the atmosphere) are only subject to the provisions of section 5.5.3. ADR 5.5.3: Provisions related to dangerous goods used as a coolant or conditioner [...]

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Exemptions related to quantities carried per transport unit.

Also called ADR The exemption, every driver should know. Pay attention or pay the price. As a driver, you should know how to calculate thresholds according to ADR Why? Let me tell you my story, and you will see. Many years ago we had a job. One collection in Ireland and multi [...]

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Pay attention or pay the price. If you are a truck driver, probably you have never seen dangerous goods packed in excepted quantities. Unless you are involved in multimodal transport (air cargo). That's because EQ mainly belongs to air transport. EQ is more strict than LQ (Limited Quantity), so if somebody wants to transport dangerous [...]

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AETR or 561/2006/EC ?

Pay attention or pay the price. Journeys to or through the countries that are signatories to the AETR Agreement (see list below) are subject to AETR rules. AETR rules apply to the whole journey, including any EU countries passed through. Council Regulation (EC) 561/2006, which came into force in April 2007 replaced the previous EU [...]

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