Pay attention or pay the price.

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Before I start to explain anything about ADR you have to understand one thing!

If you learn one thing about dangerous goods transportation, then this is the one you should learn!

As an ADR driver, you have to be the TOP GUN! The BEST! PROFESSIONAL! Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean COOL. You can’t act like a cowboy. You can’t live your life a quarter-mile at a time. You have to behave yourself even if you drive a V8.

You have to think! Think before you do anything. Think of others. Think of consequences. People, properties and environment. Just one small mistake and costs can go sky-high and commercial vehicle wreck attorneys will be contacted right away. But instead of writing too much here, I show you what am I talking about.

Playing Russian roulette on the road with ADR. And the consequences. Gas cylinders and a ……. driver!


Tyre fire + Hazardous load. Firefighters can do nothing. Just run and hide.


Vehicle and equipment in good conditions, plus a professional driver. This is the only way ADR job can be done.

And let’s talk about rules…

To be continued…

Thanks for reading and see you soon.