Waterford Truck and Motor Show 2017

Hi Waterford Truck and Motor Show was held on 27th and 28th of May in Kilkenny. My company, Transportinfo Limited had the chance to present those services, we provide for our customers every day. As an exhibitor, we would like to say thank you for organizers, and all the people who visited the show. [...]

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I would like to inform you that on 18th of April on the system of monitoring of road transport of goods came into force. The law applies to the carriage of excisable goods (according to the definition of Poland). The penalties became applicable from 1st of May. For certain types of cargo, a notification will [...]

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Waterford Truck and Motor Show

It is time 27th and 28th of May 2017   Transportinfo Limited as an Exhibitor Let's talk about: -Dangerous Goods Regulations -Packaging -Marking -Documenting -Tachograph regulations -Vehicle and load safety -ADR kits and PPE   Waterford Truck Show 2016 Gallery  

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